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Ratings and Reviews Experience

Responsive web and app designs (iOS and Android) for the Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. brands.


ANF Desktop Reviews Summary

Stacy’s Roles

Lead UX and UI Designer

Design Researcher

Collaborate with development to create the experience


Create the Abercrombie & Fitch ratings and reviews experience. Redesign the Hollister ratings and reviews experience.


Responsive web and app experiences (iOS and Android) for Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. brands


1. Design Immersion

2. UX Design and Wireframing

3. UI Design

4. Collaborate with development


Immersion Findings

Highlighting relevant review information at a summary level. Large numbers of reviews can be overwhelming to users. A review summary can help users understand the most relevant product details without feeling the need to read every review.  

Insights from user research tell us that online shoppers rely on product reviews for information on how a product will fit, because shopping online does not allow customers to try on a product before purchase.

Design Challenge

How can we encourage users to describe a product’s fit in a way that is helpful to other customers, while also keeping the review form process quick & easy?


Encourages reviewers to provide helpful product information that will be valuable for other customers who are making a purchase decision on that product.

Provide users an easy to browse review section that elevates the most valuable review information.


Unfortunately, I am unable to share the wireframes, design iterations, testing methodologies, user and AB testing details that accompanied this project because of Non-Discloser Agreements. 

Please reach out to me at; I would love to chat about my process, testing experience, and more about this project in detail.


ANF D Reviews Modal


Product Page

The responsive solution displays review information on the product page. What is displayed is dependent on the number of reviews and the content of those reviews. The three most recent reviews are displayed on the product page. When a product has four or more reviews, users can access all reviews in a reviews modal, keeping the product page content minimal and clean even when a product has hundreds of reviews.


Review Form

Fit is a subjective measurement and relies primarily on personal style. By defining ambiguous sizing terms like ‘runs big’, review authors and review readers now share the same sizing terminology that was previously vague. Customers are now more clear about if ‘runs big’ means the style is meant to be loose, or if the sizing is inaccurate, and by how many sizes was it inaccurate.

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ANF Review Modal Mobile
ANF Mobile Review Form
ANF Mobile Reviews Size Modal


The Ratings and Reviews experience was also designed for the Hollister Co brand.


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