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Pickup - Drop Off


Pickup - Drop Off Experience

User interface and responsive design update to the Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister 'Pickup - Drop Off' experience




Redesign the ‘Pickup, Drop Off’ experience, a common international delivery method preferred over home delivery because of package theft and regional delivery regulations. Users pick up their order at pickup points (UPS, Royal Mail, and other locations).

A common international alternative to home delivery, ‘Pickup – Drop Off’ lets users pickup their order at a pickup point.


Stacy’s Role

UX and UI Designer

Created user tests for design concepts

Collaborated with development to create the experience


Unfortunately, I am unable to share the wireframes, design iterations, testing methodologies, user and AB testing details that accompanied this project because of Non-Discloser Agreements. 

Please reach out to me at; I would love to chat about my process, testing experience, and more about this project in detail.


PUDOS hco 1

The Pickup, Drop Off experience begins in checkout as an order pickup option.  

HCO D PUDOS selected store

Clicking a store exposes the store details and gives users the option to select that store as their pickup point.


Users can toggle between a list or map view of the pickup points.

HCO D PUDOS Selected Store

Once selected, the store card of the selected store will appear inline on the checkout page.



Responsive Design

A high-level view of how the Pickup - Drop Off experience adapts to different breakpoints

Responsive PUDOS 1.png
Pudos responsive 2
PUDOS responsive 3


Old v. Update

Left: old Pickup, Drop Off experience

Right: updated Pickup, Drop Off experience